Jan / 07 / 2022
《心寓》2021 International Design Awards

While living alone, there are plenty of challenges to shoulder but also possess endless pleasure. Here is a house with beautiful visions and hope for creating perfect transformation for single people. The spirited wall integrates culture-stone features and balmy timber texture, making the different patterns coexist harmoniously. In a way to embody the living manners that happiness and sorrow may pop up together; even so, home is the most comforting place to get away from the hustle and bustle.

We appropriately add a dash of blue color favored by the homeowner to an otherwise neutral tone, ingeniously bring about distinct romance for the sole person, and invite the householder to enjoy fancy dreams within the secret base. Delicately arrange green elements amid the comfy wooden circumstance. Furthermore, plan smooth moving flow and flexible layouts, successfully create a custom dwelling to ease the body and mind, as well as welcoming friends to visit at any time.