Sep / 14 / 2022
《境・圓》2022 MUSE Design Awards

Exploit refined black wrought iron hardware to bond with the transparent glass, artfully complements the rich-textured concrete walls. And decorate the toned-down surroundings with neutral furnishings to manifest the bold, rustic Industrial tone and the natural, warm Scandinavian style. Ultimately carry out a unique, glamorous home by harmoniously integrating the married couple's yearning design styles.

Design the staircase with a partially see-through feature, brilliantly holds the privacy and vivid light and shadow for the characteristic house. In addition, carefully create a functional layout of the main bedroom to meet the needs of life. Adopt arc shape patterns and pastel grayish-green color schemes to bring about a mellow, charming vibe, accompany the family of three happily enjoy the comfortable daily life.